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How can I get email notices?

When you got your library card, there was a field in the application for an email address. 

  • You can check your Library Account by signing in at: 
                 --vent.ent.sirsi.net-- or www.vencolibrary.org and click on Library Catalog
    • Click on My Account and login with your library card number and PIN
    • Check under "Personal Information" for your email address
    • If the library does not have your email, or if it is entered incorrectly,you may speak to a staff member when you visit or you may do this over the phone during the library's open hours.
      If you phone, please have your library card number available. 

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How can I search for just audiobooks?

There are several ways to search for audiobooks, both downloadable and on CD or tape.

  • If you want more than one kind of format - for example, downloadable eaudiobooks as well as books on CD - start your search using EVERYTHING (in the first drop down next to the home icon) and enter your search term.
    • Click on SEARCH. When viewing the results, notice the formats available under FORMAT in the left sidebar. You may need to click on "More" to expand the list. Choose all the formats you want and then click INCLUDE.
    • You can further refine using the filters in the left sidebar. If you select an eaudiobook from OverDrive or OneClickdigital, you may be asked to sign in to that collection to view or request the title.
  • If you want only physical items such as books on CD or tape, use the AUDIOBOOKS choice -- in the same drop down menu as EVERYTHING 
  • If you want to see only downloadable audiobooks in OverDrive or OneClickdigital, you can use the DIGITAL CATALOG search -- in the same drop down menu as EVERYTHING
    • The DIGITAL CATALOG search is a feature of Enterprise that directly links specific vendors' pages within the catalog. Currently, there are only 4 vendors in the Digital Catalog:  
      • Hoopla
      • CloudLibrary
      • Project Gutenberg
      • Open Library
    • Not all e-content is in the Digital Library!  If you want to see all downloadable or streaming content, stick with the EVERYTHING menu item for your initial search and filter by format
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How do I request items from other branches?

To request an item from the Ventura County Library Online Enterprise Catalog, follow these instructions:

  • After finding the item you want in the online catalog, click on the Request Item button. There is also a "Request Item" selection under the "Select An Action" drop down menu.
  • In the first box, type in your complete barcode number from your library card.
  • In the second box, type in the last four digits of your telephone number or your PIN number (if you have changed it from your phone number.)
  • Click on the Login box.
  • Select the pickup location from the drop-down menu
  • Click on the Request button to complete the request.

That's all there is to it!

When the item becomes available for you to pick up at the requested location, you will be notified by SMS or email (as long as your email address has been added to your account.) Be sure the library always has your current address, phone number and email.

If the item is not available from any Ventura County Library, you may be able to find it from another library system in California. You can learn how to do that here in the FAQ, or ask our customer service staff for help.

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How does my browser affect the speed of the catalog?

Enterprise Catalog's performance speed may vary depending on the browser and browser settings you use.

The following chart shows recommended browsers and versions for Enterprise 4.5 (2015):

Browser Supported Versions for Searching Platforms
Internet Explorer 10 and 11 Windows
Google Chrome Latest version Windows/MacIntosh
Mozilla Firefox Latest version Windows/MacIntosh
Safari 7 and 8 MacIntosh
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I didn't get my notice. What happened?

There are two separate notification processes:

  1. For hold requests
  2. For pre-overdues

1. The hold requests notification sends out alerts only Monday through Friday (as they go through a County organization that works only on weekdays.) 

** Additionally, alerts are NOT sent out until the morning AFTER the book is received.
For example, if a book is delivered to your pick up branch on a Tuesday, your email notice will be sent first thing Wednesday morning.  Likewise, if the book arrives Friday, you won't see the email notification until Monday morning.

You can also watch your Library Catalog Account to monitor your holds.  Account information is real time.

2. Pre-overdue notices are courtesy notices alerting you of items checked out which are due back to the Library in three days. These are sent out daily. Pre-overdue notices are sent by email only.

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The best practice when searching in Enterprise is to enter your search term and leave the first drop down on "Everything" and either let the default "All Fields" stand on the second drop down or choose one (Author, Title, Subject, etc.) - then, click SEARCH.

Once you have a results set, see the detailed "Limit Search Results" in the left column. These can be used to include or exclude many different factors to help you pinpoint what you are looking for.

For further search assistance, please see the Enterprise Help page (found at the top right of the catalog, linked to the question mark icon).

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What can I do to ensure I receive my emailed notices?

Be sure the address: library.postmaster@ventura.org is in your address book or contact list so Library emails don't get sent to your spam or bulk mail folder.  Your Internet Service Provider upgrades their security regularly, and these upgrades can affect the emails sent to those folders.

Be sure of the timing. See the above explanation of the Hold notices being sent out Monday through Friday and not until the morning after the book was received.

Check your account to be sure the email address has been entered correctly (see details under "Personal Information.")

  • Keep your email address up to date in your account.

If you are sure that you meet the above criteria and are still not receiving your emailed Library notices, email library.postmaster@ventura.org the following information:

  • Your name and library card number
  • Which type of notice you are looking for, i.e., Holds notice, Overdue notice, Lost notice, or Preoverdue notice
  • The title of the item for which you expected to receive a notice
  • When you expected to receive the notice

We will do our best to research the dates in question to verify if a notice was produced.

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