VCL Statement of Inclusivity

4 staff members of Ventura County Library representing different gender, age, and ethnicity

Libraries are for Everyone

Ventura County Library values every customer regardless of citizenship, age, race, religious affiliation, gender, or sexual preference. We believe in confidentiality, freedom of information, and always being open and available to everyone.

As testament to this philosophy we have adopted a Statement of Inclusivity as part of the Library’s Mission, Vision, and Values page. It is our mission and vision to always include, value, and respect each customer as a unique individual.

Statement of Inclusivity:

Public libraries have long been known as one of our truly democratic institutions. Public libraries champion First Amendment rights, and promote free access to information for all. Public libraries offer services and educational resources that promote inclusion and diversity to all in the community. In light of the uncertainty many feel in our current society, we reaffirm:

  • The Ventura County Library values connection, fairness, diversity, empowerment, unity, compassion, and community.
  • The Ventura County Library provides service to all races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, abilities, ages, national or ethnic origins, languages, citizenship statuses, economic statuses, political affiliations.
  • The Ventura County Library is an inclusive community hub where people explore, discover, and connect.