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Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a free service that allows cardholders to borrow books, articles, and microfilm not available at a local branch of the Ventura County Library.  ILL is a cooperative effort among many libraries in North America. 

How do I submit an ILL request?

Submit your request online below the FAQ.

We cannot accept ILL requests if:

The item is available locally at Ventura County Library (search). 

Items on your account have accrued unpaid charges of more than $40.

What is not available through ILL?

You cannot request items that are owned by the Ventura County Library. 

For popular titles or those published within the last few years, please consider using the Tell us what to buy form.

How do I search for items that I want to request through ILL?

Search in WorldShare for items you would like to request through Interlibrary Loan.

How many ILL requests can I make?

You may have a total of ten (10) ILL requests/items checked out.

How will I know when my item arrives?

Items may take six to eight (6-8) weeks to arrive. You will be notified by phone call when the owning branch library receives the item. Please pick up your items as soon as possible, as they are checked out to you by staff as soon as they are received. Do not remove the ILL label.

How do I renew ILL items?

Materials are eligible for renewal once, for an additional three (3) weeks, with the consent of the lending library. Lending libraries are able to approve or deny lending extensions. Renewal requests must be placed on or before the due date. Renewal requests must be made to ILL staff; ILL staff will contact you after the lending library responds. Overdue items are not eligible for renewal. ILL items are not eligible for Auto Renew.

How do I return ILL items?

Items may be returned to any Ventura County Library location.  Please return items with all the provided paperwork.

What is the cost?

Ventura County Library does not charge for placing ILL requests.

How do I contact ILL?

ILL can be reached via email.

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