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Early Literacy


Parents and Caregivers Early Literacy

Early literacy begins with you. You are the key to your child's success in learning to read. Early literacy is not the teaching of reading. It is everything a child knows about reading and writing BEFORE he or she knows how to read and write. 

Help your child get ready to read with simple activities every day. Talk, sing, read, write and play every day to develop your child’s early literacy skills. Focus on the fun you are having.  


Tips for Parents and Caregivers

Bringing your child to the library’s Storytime is a great way to introduce your child to the library and early literacy.  The following tips will help make the class an enjoyable experience for everyone.

  • Arrive early enough so your child has time to settle in.
  • Participate with your child and join in the songs and activities.
  • There are good days and bad days. If your child is fussy, please take them out of the storytime area and rejoin us when he or she is ready.
  • Reduce distractions by putting books, toys & food away.
  • Cell phones should be silenced or turned off. If you choose to take a phone call, please step outside.
  • Extend the storytime experience at home. Check out books each week before you leave. 

Early Learning Centers

Play is truly the work of childhood. Playing with your child is not only fun, it’s one of the most important ways you can nurture his or her development. Watch your child at play, and you will see the kind of passion and creative excitement that artists and scientists bring to their projects. There are Early Learning Centers at every Ventura County Library. Please join us for fun and learning. Find a location near you. 

Early Learning, girl playing with puzzles

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Ventura County Library invites our community of families to participate in 1000 Books Before Kindergarten, an Early Literacy program designed to encourage parent and child bonding while reading at home. By participating in the program, you are taking steps to help ensure your child’s success in school before they step foot in a classroom. Reading to your child not only instills in them a love of reading, it prepares them for learning to read, builds their vocabulary, and develops critical thinking pathways.

Please join us today. Stop by a branch to pick up a reading log and collect stickers from the library for every 100 books read at home.