Mobile Library - Visit Request

Ventura County Mobile Library photo - a large while van with the VCL mountains, sea, and sun logo on the side

The Ventura County Mobile Library considers the following criteria when approving visit requests:

  • Mobile Library visits are within the Ventura County Library service area.  Requests for visits to areas outside this service area may be accommodated upon request as resources allow.
  • Potential visits will be evaluated and selected by library staff according to their service priority.  
  • Sufficient staff and resources must be available to add a visit.
  • The visit must provide ample room to maneuver and park the mobile library on a level, solid parking area.
  • The visit location must provide maximum accessibility and safety of customers and staff; restroom access for staff; and sufficient parking area for patrons.
  • The Mobile Library is not available on Sundays or holidays.

Please fill out the request form:

General Information
Your Name
Organization Address

For "day of event" issues.

Event Information
One time or recurring event?
Event Audience
Anticipated Attendance
Age of the Event Audience
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Is there electricity/shore power available?
Do we need special permission to access the site?

Please explain in detail any application, permit, fees, or other permissions we may need to be on site.