Mobile Library - Visit Request

  • Ventura County Mobile Library photo - a large while van with the VCL mountains, sea, and sun logo on the side

The Ventura County Mobile Library considers the following criteria when approving visit requests:

  • Mobile Library visits are within the Ventura County Library service area.  Requests for visits to areas outside this service area may be accommodated upon request as resources allow.
  • Potential visits will be evaluated and selected by library staff according to their service priority.  
  • Sufficient staff and resources must be available to add a visit.
  • The visit must provide ample room to maneuver and park the mobile library on a level, solid parking area.
  • The visit location must provide maximum accessibility and safety of customers and staff; restroom access for staff; and sufficient parking area for patrons.
  • The Mobile Library is not available on Sundays or holidays.

Please fill out the request form:

Contact person for the organization requesting Mobile Library visit
Name of organization requesting Mobile Library visit
Full address of organization requesting Mobile Library visit (include city and zip code)
Event Information
Will the Mobile Library visit once for an event? Or, does the event recur? Choose the answer that best fits.
The Mobile Library needs adequate room to maneuver and park. The Mobile Library is 36 feet long (with the ramp fully deployed). Please let us know where to park and any information we might need for setup.
Location contact information - if different from requesting organization
(If different from requesting organization)
Event Audience
How many people will be attending the event? What is the potential number of people who may stop by the mobile library?
Please elaborate on any electricity or shore power available
Please describe where the restrooms are, or that they are not available