Bubbling Springs Bard

Picture of Crater Lake Oregon

Crater Lake and Lassen National Park Area (Joel’s Journeys #19)

This is going to be the longest of Joel’s Journeys, but your blogger thinks it’s worth it.  You will avoid crowds by...

TED Talk - How Falling Behind Can Get You Ahead

"The Tiger Path, or The Roger Path, that is the question."

Handmade: Kat Kaller Suminagashi Tutorial

Here is another craft project you can do at home.Artist Kathleen Kaller teaches the simple, beautiful craft of marbling known as Suminagashi (sue-me-NAH-gah-she), which means literally “ink-floating.”

Remembering Veterans this Memorial Day - In Flanders Fields

The tradition of wearing a single red poppy on Memorial Day to commemorate soldiers who have lost their lives in combat has its origin in this famous poem written by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae on...

Homemade craft project!

Looking for craft projects you can easily do from home?Learn how to print on paper or fabric using real flowers! Follow Kat Kaller's instructions (also on...
glasses and pen on a book resting atop a keyboard - photo by Trent Erwin on Unsplash

Volunteer From Home

This time at home can be difficult. We miss our families, friends, and getting out and about. For those not working or working from home, the struggle to fill the hours with something other than...