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County of Ventura Stay in Place poster

DIY Face Masks for You and Your Family

Ventura County Public Health Officer Doctor Robert Levin has issued a recommendation supporting residents of Ventura County who wear a mask when leaving their homes for essential activities.  
Various book covers of author JRR Tolkien

New worlds await you...in Cloud Library!

Got free time? Need a break from the outbreak? Don’t worry. We have a plan. Ready.Set. Wash your hands. Wipe down that tablet. Now you're all clear to venture into an imaginary world with that ebook...
Half Dome at Yosemite

Yosemite Falls (Joel’s Journeys #18)

This blog will be the sixth about the Sierra Nevada. This time, instead of entering from the east, our journey begins from the crowded west side that over 90% of the public uses.  In order to avoid...
Picture of rocky butte seen through a gap in treeline

Bryce Canyon National Park (Joel's Journeys #17)

This month’s blog refers to the same general area of Utah as last month's post...
Image of a rocky canyon and horizon

Zion National Park (Joel’s journey’s #16)

This blog is about the fourth most visited national park in the United States.  Located about 163 miles northeast of Las Vegas, Zion National Park gets crowded for good reason as you will see from...
Photo of the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon North Rim (Joel‘s Journeys #15)

Ninety percent of people who travel to Grand Canyon National Park go to the south rim. The north rim of the Grand Canyon is about 600 miles from Ventura County and just 100 miles beyond the south...

Unplug and Deep Read your way to a Healthier Mind

Did you know? All of the web surfing and online reading we engage in is changing how our brains function when it comes to our conventional reading abiliites. ...
Joel and little brother in 1983 in front of lake with snow in the background.

Bishop Pass (Joel's Journeys #13)

This moderately strenuous hike will take you past some of the most beautiful alpine scenery the Sierra Nevada has to offer.
strewn foliage after avalanche.

Mount San Gorgonio (Joel's Journeys #12)

Southern California's highest mountain is Mount San Gorgonio at 11,499 ft.  It is 27 miles east of San Bernardino.  To get there, choose your most appropriate route to Highway 38 (the back way to Big...