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Down the Hoopla Rabbit Hole

One thing I have time to do now, is venture down virtual rabbit holes. So, slightly bored, I logged into Hoopla...

The Story Behind the Photo: E.P. Foster Library

Hello again my name is David and I am a Library Tech at E.P. Foster Library and amateur photographer.This is the story behind the photo.The E. P. Foster Library opened in 1921 at its present location...
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Regional Cooking

Among my friends on Facebook, there are a constant variety of memes being posted.  Some of the most popular are about how the quarantine is going to make us all, for lack of a better word, fat.
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Volunteer From Home

This time at home can be difficult. We miss our families, friends, and getting out and about. For those not working or working from home, the struggle to fill the hours with something other than...

Learning About the Past

I’ve been taking advantage of time at home to work on family genealogy. Deep dives into the past, scanning records, helps time fly. [An exciting note is: ...
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Passing Time During the Pandemic

When I was a small child, I used to love to sit on the sun porch at the front of my family’s house when the bigger kids walked past after school.  I would sit there and wave to them, knowing someday...

The Story Behind the Photo: Ventura Pier

The Story behind the photo:Hello, my name is David and I am a library tech at E.P. Foster Library and amateur photographer. I photograph interesting places in Ventura County in B/W. My first...
County of Ventura Stay in Place poster

DIY Face Masks for You and Your Family

Ventura County Public Health Officer Doctor Robert Levin has issued a recommendation supporting residents of Ventura County who wear a mask when leaving their homes for essential activities.