Ventura County Library Has a Minecraft Server

Submitted by NoseyNoober on Wed, 07/22/2020 - 10:58
Ventura County Library Minecraft Server for Kids and Teens Email to be invited to the server.  Square images of Minecraft characters with some grassland blocks and Ventura County Library's logo.

Ventura County Library is very excited to be hosting a Minecraft server.  VCL's server will be a fun opportunity for open and collaborative Minecraft building for youth ages 10-17.

Minecraft is a sandbox construction game and it is an understatement to say that it is quite popular.  In short, you use blocks to create just about anything imaginable.  We recommend going to the Minecraft Wiki to read up on the game.  

Just the game by itself has enough to keep anyone busy but it is highly customizable with modifications, plugins. and skripts that fans of the game have created.  The library's server has a few skripts and plugins running to enhance gameplay.

To join in on the fun, participants must have parental permission and own a personal Minecraft Java Edition license (PC or MAC computers only) and use Minecraft Version 1.16.1. Please send your request to join to the Minecraft Librarian.  Verified participants will be “Allow Listed”, thereby granted permission to access the server. 

We look forward seeing you on the server.