The Story Behind the Photo: Tree

Submitted by Fun at Foster on May 16, 2020 - 1:49pm

Hello again my name is David and I am a Library Tech at E.P. Foster Library and amateur photographer.

This is the story behind the photo. 

This is a photo of a tree and the wonderful shadow that it casts. I took the photo on my walk home from the market. 

The tree is located in a large field that was very overgrown for many years. With the field recently cleared the tree looks like a sentinel standing watch over land and sky. 

To the right of the tree is a sapling and under the tree is a seedling that is knee-high to a grasshopper in size. 

I did some research and discovered the tree is the majestic Valley Oak. It's the largest oak in California and can live for up to 300 years. This one looks relatively young. Cheers to a long life!

The book that I have to recommend is The overstory: a novel, by Richard Powers. For me, this book and noticing this wonderful tree have been pure synchronicity. This book is a treat for all dendrophiles. 

My recommendation for younger readers is, The giving tree, by Shel Silverstein. Adults will enjoy this one too.  

Thank you and keep reading.



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