The Story Behind the Photo: Santa

Submitted by Fun at Foster on December 28, 2020 - 2:19pm

Hello again my name is David and I am a Library Tech at E.P. Foster Library and amateur photographer.

This is the story behind the photo.

In the middle of the holiday season, I figured I would do something a little different, and believe me what I am about to reveal is quite different.

This is a photo of Santa Claus and quite possibly a UFO!

The giant Santa arrived in 1948 in Carpinteria but was moved to its current home just off the 101 freeway in Oxnard. Santa is 18 feet tall and a stout two and a half tons in weight. Santa’s spectacles are tinted possible polarized in the summertime and clear in the winter. Seeing Santa brings back childhood memories of living in Carpinteria and attending Aliso Elementary School, fun times! 

The object in the upper left-hand corner is strange I guess it could be anything from swamp gas to a seagull or possibly just a UFO. The object did make a sound similar to a swarm of bees buzzing around. Whatever it was it piqued my curiosity. I guess I’m inclined to let my imagination run wild and think of it as a Martian spaceship. Maybe it will meet up with Elon Musk’s spacecraft someday?

An interesting book about Aliens is Ancient Aliens: official companion book, lots of history of encounters and visitations throughout the ages and it includes Roswell!

My video recommendation for adults is: Santa Claus conquers the Martians.  The film is a classic for those who enjoy unusual holiday movies.  

Here is a terrific book for young people Alienology: the complete book of extraterrestrials it's the perfect book for identifying otherworldly creatures and much more!  

Happy Holidays,

Thank you and keep reading.

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