The Story Behind the Photo: Mary Mitchell House

Submitted by Fun at Foster on June 21, 2020 - 4:08pm

Hello again my name is David and I am a Library Tech at E.P. Foster Library and amateur photographer.

This is the story behind the photo.

This is a photo of the Mary Mitchell House. The Mary Mitchell House is part of the Mitchell Block which is located on the 600 block of East Thompson Boulevard. 

It's a striking building that deserves a double-take. It looks a bit like a miniature castle with a few Gothic elements. No moat, but I think it is as close as you can come to a castle in Ventura County. The Mary Mitchell House is one of my top ten favorite buildings in Ventura.

I was curious about the history of the home, so I consulted with one of our librarians for a reliable source of information about the building's history. The source that was recommended to me was ProQuest Historical Newspapers. ProQuest is part of our elibrary it's a searchable database of newspapers robust enough for even the most inquisitive researcher. 

The house was constructed in 1890 by the Mitchell brothers. There are eight houses all in a row that make up the Mitchell Block. The Conklin house is the oldest built in 1877. However, the oldest brick house on the block is the John Mitchell house, built in 1886. I suggest taking a stroll down this block to enjoy these beautiful and unusual homes in person.

A book recommendation for younger readers is a book about an architect, Iggy Peck, architect by Andrea Beaty. Interesting book and series.

Thank you and keep reading.

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