The Story Behind the Photo: Angel's Trumpet Flower

Submitted by Fun at Foster on June 14, 2020 - 12:22pm

Hello again my name is David and I am a Library Tech at E.P. Foster Library and amateur photographer.

This is the story behind the photo.

This is a photo of an Angel's Trumpet flower. It caught my eye while helping a customer with an outside book pick-up at the library. A few steps east of the library building is a property with a magnificent avocado tree, a bountiful orange tree, and this exquisite Angel's Trumpet flower. 

It was in full bloom and there was a slight breeze, it was enjoying a swaying dance with the wind. Coincidentally earlier in the day I had been perusing a book about Georgia O'Keeffe, this flower reminded me of her paintings. The Georgia O'Keeffe book I enjoyed the most was Georgia O'Keeffe : art and letters, a book that allows the reader a glimpse into the personal world of O'Keeffe. 

One word of caution to be aware of around the Angel's Trumpet flower is they are extremely toxic, something to keep mind with children present. Supervision while observing these plants is essential.

For the teens the book Wideness and wonder : the life and art of Georgia O'Keeffe, by Susan Goldman Rubin is a great introduction to Georgia O'Keeffe.  We have plenty of books about artists to keep you exploring, discovering, and connecting with artists and the library.

Thank you and keep reading.

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