Submitted by Fun at Foster on Wed, 04/01/2020 - 10:54
Red Rose in backyard.

After channeling my inner Monty Don and polishing off a pot of tea I trudged to the backyard.

Weed infested beyond belief, I started tugging unwanted plants from Mother Earth.

The soil was soft which made my efforts much easier. I pulled the weeds that encircled the apple tree and long since dead apricot tree.

Hearing the birds chirp and the sweet aroma of orange blossoms made my labor quite pleasant.

After about an hour of this toil, a beautiful red flash caught my eye, a tiny rose bush strangled in this weedy mess. I immediately started yanking out weeds in that area.

After much effort I saw the long lost rosebush, it looked healthy and displayed lovely tiny roses. A wonderful reward from Mother Nature, the rediscovered rose.