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Information about our downloadable ebooks

Ventura County Library offers ebooks you can read on a computer or mobile device. Some ebooks can be saved to your device, others may only be viewed with an active Internet connection. Our most popular, downloadable ebook collections are:


Other Free eBook Resources

There are many, free sources for downloadable ebooks. We have listed many on our eLibrary page. Here's a sampling:

OverDrive Assistance


The best place to start your OverDrive experience is at the "Help" link on the top right side of the black banner.

Be sure you are in our OverDrive collection at: http://vencolibrary.lib.overdrive.com/


Additionally, OverDrive offers:

 Need More HELP?

If, after checking the online HELP pages, you are unable to resolve an issue,
use this online form to contact OverDrive for assistance.


Axis 360 - Help - Table of Contents - follow the ? Help links on the left side of the Axis 360 page.

EBSCOhost eBook Help - follow the Help links in the upper right of the EBSCOhost collection or view this video ion how to download an EBSCOhost ebook.

Finding it more difficult to download an ebook from the library than from a retailer?

Here's why:

In order to lend ebooks and eaudiobooks through libraries, publishers have developed Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM controls the check-out time, transfers to machines and "returns" the item when your check-out period expires. 

This extra software piece makes the process to checkout more complicated. That's the bad news.  The good news is: libraries have fresher digital content to offer than if DRM was not around, since publishers feel DRM protects their content.

  • DRM Tip Sheet [from the American Library Association's Digital Content & Libraries Working Group] 


More about VCL's eBooks

Ventura County Library currently offers many types of ebooks in our eLibrary (also, see our list of links to free books on the Internet).  Those ebooks include:

  • eLibrary eBooks
    • Axis 360 – eBooks available for download and transfer to PCs, iOS and Android devices. These ebooks use the Blio reader as well as the ePub format.
    • BookFLIX  – Classic video storybooks for beginning readers with read-aloud, educational games and activities. Viewable.
    • EBSCOhost eBooks – eBooks on business, technology and other subjects. Searchable, viewable and downloadable.
    • Gale Virtual Reference Library – A database of encyclopedias and specialized research sources. These are research books from which you can download and print articles.
    • Missions of California eBooks – Each of the 21 missions is covered in a separate ebook that can be downloaded to a desktop computer or PDA. These may be in use by another customer while being viewed and need to be "returned."
    • OverDrive eBooks - Downloadable eBooks. These EPUB and PDF ebooks work with most computers and on the Kindle, Sony Reader, the Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo eReader and the iPad (among others).
    • Social Studies Fact Cards – Quick facts for students in grades 4 through 8; includes material on explorers, Indians, missions, ranchos, U.S. presidents, states, countries, early civilizations and more. Articles are printable.
    • TumbleBook Library - An online library of animated, talking, picturebooks. Viewable.
  • Also available - career related ebooks from
    • LearningExpress Library – A career oriented, interactive instructional and test preparation database that offers over 300 practice tests and over 150 downloadable ebooks