On the website, how do I know when I have clicked a link that leaves the Library's content?

There is a rule of thumb and several exceptions - so it can be confusing! When you see (a gray version) of the symbol shown here beside a link, it means your computer will open a new window for that link and *in most cases* this means you are leaving Ventura County Library's website.

  • The exceptions include our catalog and our eLibrary, which both exist on separate servers than our website and so are "seen" by the software as separate websites. We find it more convenient for those to open in a separate window, so you can be in the catalog and on the website at the same time.
  • One other notable exception is BookLetters - an online vendor providing book lists, reviews and customizable newsletters. While we subscribe to their content and their pages look like our website, they are separate and those pages will open in a new window.