Do the libraries have wireless Internet access?

YES! All locations of the Ventura County Library* have wireless access!

* except the Museum of Ventura County - Research Library

What you need to connect:

  • A Ventura County Library card and a PIN number
  • A wireless network interface card, 802.11b or later; newer laptops have built-in cards
  • A charged battery; electrical plugs may not be accessible
  • Compatible headphones if you plan to use audio files

Locate available wireless networks:

  1. For PCs… double click on the wireless icon in systray (right bottom) OR
    a. (Win Vista, XP) Start => Connect to => Show all connections 
    b. (Win 2000) Start => Settings=> Network Connections
    c. Double click =>Wireless Network connection
    d. View Wireless Networks. Double click on Ventura County Library network
  2. For Macs….
    a. Use the Airport Setup Assistant program. See desk staff for handout
    b. Locate the Ventura County Library wireless network
  3. Once connected, open your browser (e.g., Internet Explorer)
  4. Wait up to 15 seconds for Login page
  5. Type in your barcode and PIN number
  6. Accept the Terms of Service
  7. Login

Important, please note:

  • Printing is currently not available from the wireless network
  • Wireless is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week [subject to local access & authority]
  • Library staff cannot assist patrons with technical issues

Printable screenshot handouts: