How does the Search page work?

Simply select your search type and type in your search term(s).

  • If you don't know what type of search you want, use the default General Keyword search. This is a Google type search. If your search term is spelled correctly, General Keyword search will give you the most results. However, many of the results may seem unrelated.
  • If you do a General Keyword search, when you get your results, use the Limit boxes to narrow your choices. For example, if you do a General Keyword search for travel guides, there are more than 279 travel guides in the catalog. If you Limit by "All Nonfiction" and re-execute the search using the arrow next to the Limit by box, your results are narrowed to 217 titles.
  • If you Limit again by the Library, then your results will be narrowed to only nonfiction travel guides owned by that Library.