E.P. Foster Library 2014 Haiku Poetry Contest Winners!

At long last, the winners of E.P. Foster Library’s annual Haiku Poetry Contest have been announced. All of the entries this year were fantastic—including the ones that didn’t technically follow the format—and we want to thank everyone who participated for making this a fun and inspirational event! Check out the winners below, and remember that there are even more prizes to be won by joining us for Foster’s Summer Reading Program for children, teens, and adults!

1st Place

Walking in the park

Is relaxing and peaceful

Good exercise and nice

-Gemma Jimenez

2nd Place

Posture and balance

We(e) birds call loudly

Make our names,

Stake claims on

Such precarious perches

-P. Alan Haynes

3rd Place

My heart unfrozen

Springtime and I are blooming

Goodbyes and hellos

-Lola Zimmerman