Star Wars: Jedi Academy

Jeffrey Brown has done it again. The author of Darth Vader and Son has continued his love of all things Star Wars with Jedi Academy. It’s the story of Roan Novachez, a young boy living on Tatooine, with dreams of attending Pilot Academy Middle School. Instead, he gets an invitation from none other than Yoda himself to attend Jedi Academy. Soon, Roan is millions of miles away on Coruscant, learning how to be a Jedi with other promising students.

Told through journal entries, holomail, and funny observations, Jedi Academy is an amusing and familiar tale of a boy’s first year in middle school. There are class bullies, school sweethearts, and favorite teachers. It has everything you would expect to encounter going through school—except for the Jedi part, of course. Young Roan makes new friends, attends the school dance, takes field trips to other planets, and participates in the science fair, all while learning how to use the Force.

It’s a charming tale that can be enjoyed by all, whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not.

-Heather, the Graphic Novel Goddess