The Cathedral

On November 21, 1999, after a major renovation, the E. P. Foster Library reopened to the public.  The showpiece of the opening was the glass art installation in the front entrance entitled "Matrix", by artist Sally Weber.  The piece was commissioned by the City of San Buenaventura Public Art Program. This unique piece is constructed of digital images laminated within glass panels.  Embedded within the panels are lines of poetry and quotations along with visual patterns reflecting the evolution of written language.  In a sense, digital art and coding has as much in common with pictographs as any other form of communication.  Much like stained glass windows in churches, the colors of Matrix are enhanced by solar illumination. There are times when the light shining through Foster's front entrance is reminiscent of sacred spaces, reminding us that this is truly a place where one can enhance the intellect through education or entertainment.

If you are inspired by Matrix, Foster Library has books available on glass painting and stained glass art.