Guest Blog - Story time with Celeste

Storytime with Miss Celeste

 Fe fi fo fum, It's time for us to have some fun!

 Did everyone have a great time this last Tuesday? I sure did!  I do hope that you parents/caregivers are enjoying Storytime as much as the littles and I do.  If there are songs or stories that you would like us to do, please share them with me.  It helps if you can write them down for me, or go on over to the E.P. Foster Facebook page and leave a comment. 

 I see a lot of you making connections with each other and I love that.  Parenting is hard (and wonderful) and our connections help.

 So this week our Letter of the Week was O. We had TWO kidlets with O names; Olive and Oscar.  Olive spoke up (kinda ;-)) but I did not know about Oscar til later.  By the way, if you wanted to check out a book with characters named Olive or Oscar - EP has some!

 The O is probably one of the easiest letter signs of them all -you just put all your fingers on your thumb and make an O!

Here is a link to some beautiful ASL fingerspelling art. This ( is a fabulous website if you are interested in learning sign. 

Our theme this last Tuesday was 'Cold Weather Critters'.  We read 'Playtime Penguins' by Tony Mitton and 'Over in the Arctic' by Marianne Berkes.  Don't you just love books that read with rhythm?  I thought that the Arctic book would be too long for our group, but they loved it!  :-) I will definitely be reading more from her 'Over in' series.

 EP has many more books with cold weather critters, here are just a few;

 A Penguin Story by Antoinette Portis

Little Polar Bear series Hans de Beer (there are about 9 or 10 in the series, EP has around 7 AND a bunch in Spanish!)

Whale is Stuck by Karen Hayles

Snow Bear by Jean Craighead George (might be a bit old for the toddler group, but this is an awesome author)

Penguin Pete & Little Tim by Marcus Pfister (of Rainbow Fish fame)

Arctic Song by Miriam Moss

In Arctic Waters by Laura Crawford

A splendid Friend, Indeed by Suzanne Bloom

Baby Beluga by Raffi (I wish that I had remembered this one in time to re-learn it, it is a great story-song).

 Author Website of the Week

Guess what? The Authors of BOTH of the books that we read this week have websites, so we are going to have TWO this week. Why?  Because I just could not decide which one to pick. ;-)

And while these sites do not have all the bells and whistles (or videos or coloring pages) that last weeks site did, I am sure that you will find some lovely books to add to your list of 'must reads'.

 Next Week (February 5th)

Our Letter of the Week will be P, so think up some great P words (I am thinking Pizza!) and if we have anyone whose name starts with P, Please speak up!

 Our theme is going to be Chinese New Year.  This is the Year of the Snake, so of COURSE we must read books about snakes! If anyone has a stuffed snake, please bring it!

 Until next week,

Miss Celeste