Library Lad Extra Edition: Maurice Sendak 1928 - 2012

He has left the Night Kitchen to join all our Wild Things.Maurice Sendak, and the immortal Max, King of the Wild Things
The New York Times in today's editions, refers to Sendak as the greatest book artist of the twentieth century. Your Lad loves that they say "artist" and not illustrator.  If your Lad might be bold enough to correct the New York Times, he might point out that there is a mistake in their obituary. It is said that he had no survivors. Of course, that is wrong. Maurice Sendak is survived by three generations of readers, who adore him, and will celebrate his life by reading Where the Wild Things Are, a book as close to perfection as your Lad knows, to one child after another after another and another. And, of course, dinner will still be warm....
Maurice Sendak with his German Shepard, Herman, named for Herman Melville. Sendak told Terry Gross in an NPR interview that Melville and Emily Dickinson were his literary Gods.  Your Lad would not argue that point.
Yours in information [sadly],