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February is African American History Month

The History of Black Economic Empowerment - This year's theme recognizes the enterprise and entrepreneurship of African Americans, both past and present, that helped strengthen and invigorate the nation.

Our resources: start with a subject search (african american(s) in our library catalog, check the eLibrary resources under Biography, Encyclopedias, History & Social Studies, Magazine & Journal Articles, and more!

Map fans - you're going to love this!

We have another brand new database! A to Z Maps Online has an amazing array of map types, including the following: outline, political, topographic, historic, geological, animal and plant species distribution, climate change, weather, earthquake, NASA, Flags of the World and much more.  

Check it out!


Job seekers - help has arrived!

We have just launched LearningExpress Job & Career Accelerator which provides personalized, step-by-step assistance for job seekers at all experience and education levels.

Explore occupations from over 1000 detailed profiles and find available jobs from a database of over 5 million up-to-date job postings! Create professional resumes and cover letters, learn interviewing and networking techniques, and prepare for occupation related exams.

This is a great supplement to the LearningExpress Library database of skills courses and tests designed to assist everyone from grade school through college and beyond. Give it a try!

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