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Amy Tan  

We've got more ways than ever for you to learn more about the folks who write the books you love! [Photo is of Amy Tan]

We hear you - "My Account" tab

   One of the consistent requests we have heard over the last week was that you liked being able to reach your library account with one click and had trouble finding it in the drop down under Library Catalog. So, we added the menu tab My Account next to the Library Catalog. 

   To make room, we moved the Site Map link down to the left side (under "Special Interests"). Hopefully, these changes make it easier for you to get where you want quickly.

   When you have a moment, why not try some of our new features? Under Books & Reading, see our Library Staff Picks (recommended reading). We hope you find something new to enjoy!

Finding your way ...

 Confused? Interested? Annoyed? Pleased? We hope you love the new website as you have the old - but we also realize change is painful. We are here to listen and to help you with the new site.

Please feel free to email our Web Librarian, at She wants to hear - not only what you love, but what you are struggling with, what you can't find and what you are confused by. We can't promise change for every problem, but you, our users, have the unique viewpoint we want to accomodate.

Here's an example: having trouble catching the "fly-outs" (those menu items that appear when you mouse over them)? You may want to bookmark our Site Map page as your home page. It is a page of static links to all parts of the webpage. See our FAQ page, in particular the Online Access FAQs for more information.

 Let us know - we look forward to hearing from you!

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