FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions


eLibrary FAQ

 The eLibrary page

  • How can I bookmark the eLibrary page?
  • Can I get to the Ventura County Library catalog from the eLibrary page?
  • Is there a section of the eLibrary page devoted to databases for K-12 students?
  • Where can I request books from other libraries?
  • Are there other resources available on this website?

 Library cards, access and authentication

  • Why do I have to enter my library card number?
  • Why is the barcode such a long number?
  • How is access different from inside the library?
  • I've entered my card number and still I cannot get into the database. Why?
  • Why are there different screens to enter my library card number?


  • Some databases ask or require me to create an account. Why?
  • What is Gale PowerSearch and how does it differ from the other Gale databases?
  • How can I get online assistance on how to use the database?
  • Where can I get help on downloadable audiobooks (eAudiobooks)?

Definitions, copyright and help

  • What is the difference between ebooks, audiobooks and eaudiobooks?
  • Are eaudiobooks downloadable?
  • Where can I get help downloading eaudiobooks?
  • Are ebooks downloadable?
  • Can I get to an ebook from the Ventura County Library catalog?
  • Can I share a copy of what I have downloaded or printed?
  • How can I get more help?